About us.

Or... me I guess?


Madsounds.io was built by an independent developer named Matt… that’s me!

What started as a single server, built on my Raspberry Pi machine, turned into a scalable Spotify add-on for everyone to enjoy.

Being a big music fan, I had grown frustrated with the lack of new music options. I loved Spotify’s Discover Weekly functionality, but grew impatient with how quickly I exhausted the playlist. I quickly went to work building the prototype of “Daily Discovery”.

(Mockups from Adobe XD)

XD Mockups

About 2 months later I had the finished project that is Madsounds.io today.

A bit about me.

I’m a 26 year old developer/marketer living in Orange County, California. I love to surf, rock climb, golf, and most importantly– code. Though coding is my passion, I spend most of my time playing with my dog Moose.


The future of Madsounds.io

As of now, I’m just happy to have built a service that others and myself enjoy using. I’m unsure how this project will playout, but I will continue to maintain and improve the features on a recurring basis– I promise!

Signing off,